D-LINK DSL-1510G, G.SHDSL Termination Unit, 1x G.SHDSL port RJ-45, 4x 10/100 Base-Tx LAN port, Support loop interface G.SHDSL & G.SHDSL.bis, Modulation Method: 16-TCPAM, 32-TCPAM, 64-TCPAM & 128-TCPAM, Carrying symmetrical 5.696 Mbps for up to 3 Km over 24-AWG single pair copper wire, Carrying symmetrical 2048 Kbps payload for up to 3.9 Km over 26-AWG single pair copper wire, Automatic line rate selection with Line Probe enabled, Support SHDSL & SHDSL.bis payload rates of n ×64Kbps, where n is 3 to 89 in 2 wires, Support EFM on proprietary extended mode for payload rates, Management by CID ( Debug only ), Telnet & Web, Remote control / monitoring via Telnet & Ethernet, Support security link function of G.SHDSL interface, Scalable Per Port Bandwidth Control (Step = 64K, up to 100M), Support QoS feature by Port, 802.1P, TOS & DSCP




Muuta: Description: DSL-1510G supports G.SHDSL.bis, designed to enhance communication medium, combining Fast Ethernet channel with one, two or four wireline G.SHDSL.bis. This device allows service providers to deliver high-value-added services, while helping to reduce the cost of deployment.
Tyyppi: G.SHDSL Termination Unit

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