GreenGO SLim Up Universal (7x14cm) Eco Leather Case (Note 2 3 /iPhone 6) Beige/Coral


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Valmistaja: GreenGO

Valmistajan tuotenumero:GRG-SLU-XXXXL-BE/CO

Universal : Phone Case internal size is: 7cm wide, 14cm lenght

This product is compatible: Any Smartphone with screen diagonal size

5″ Note 2, Note3, Xperia Z2, LG L9 2, iPhone 6 4,7″ and others

Pocket case, easy and comfortable protects your mobile phone. Easy to pull out with speciall strap witch is inside the pouch and hold mobile phone. Made from good quality leather.

Väri: Beige/Coral

Matherial: High quality Black Eco leather

High quality super slim leather mobile phone case – Pouch, to protect your mobile phone from scratches, falls, etc


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