Forever Flat Silicone USB to Lightning Cable iPhone 5 5S 6 Green (MD818 Analog)



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Forever is a modern and recognized brand covering a wide range of the most important accessories for mobile phones and mobile devices . The offer includes car chargers, chargers, batteries, car handles, protective films for displays and Bluetooth headsets . All products branded logo Forver combines the reliability and durability, which managed to get through attention to the selection of the highest quality materials and components.

Forever product line is the result of many years of people who fully understand the needs of users and the specific nature of the changing trends in mobile communications. So, if you are looking for accessories offer not only functionality, but also aesthetic design and modern solutions, brand Forever is dedicated just to you, no matter what brand or model of phone you have.

Valmistaja: Forever

Valmistajan tuotenumero: FO-T_0012047

Connecting: USB 2.0 – to Apple Ligtning 8pin connecttion

Cable type: Super Flat Silikoni Cable. Flat & Soft cable series has flat shape and it is made from superb soft and high protection rubber matherials

Lenght: 1.2m

Väri: Light Green

Yhteensopivuus: With latest IOS

8.3OS systems (Tested)

Apple Lightning 8pin – Analog Apple MD818 Cable – New 2015 Cable Technology


iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 4.7″, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus

iPod – 5th generation – iPod Touch 5

iPad 4, iPad mini all generations

Packed in Forever Blister Package


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