Komponentit->Jäähdytysjärjestelmät : 120mm Slim fan, for PSU and system cooling, PWM Function, Rubber Screw instalation.  Takuu: 24 kk.

120mm Slim fan, for PSU and system cooling, PWM Function, Rubber Screw instalation


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Dimensions: 120X120X20mm
Fan: Speed: 900±150~1800±10%RPM; Max.Air.Flow: 61.8CFM; Noise: 18.2-32.4dB(A)
20mm thickness allows for more space inside your case. You can easily mount big and tall heatsink as you want. With a 4-pin PWM connector, GS120 is able to lower down the fan speed when the system is getting idle. Four rubber buckles are used for the installation, which not only makes the installation quite easy but also absorbs vibration to the maximum so as to avoid the noise made by normal metal screws The fan cable is made of PTFE(Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene), which withstands high temperature and heavy duty usage to ensure a long lifespan Two pieces of rubber cable ties are attached to route the fan cable to make everything in place.

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