Ex Line K300 Universaali autoteline with 360 degree rotate (6-9cm wide fix) Black




Manufacturer: Exclusive Line

Valmistajan tuotenumero:A-C-HO-K300-BK

Väri: Musta

Ex Line K300universal Mobile Phone and GPS device holder for car window or panel surface. Made from high quality plastics and rubber parts.

– Has fixation for car window and panel surfaces using stanart rubber suction cup system.

– Easy to remove device using release Button

– Adjustable in all possible angles thanks to its universal design

– Held unit can rotate both vertically and horizontally through 360 degrees which is a mechanism built into the anchorage..

– Adjustable-held devices Mechanism, which supports the maximum size of the equipment (widness from 6 – 9 cm/ height– unlimited/ thickness– max 3cm)

– Easy Removal of equipment thanks button releasing devices Compactor mechanism

– Additional stabilizers holder part further provide stability and prevent the device slipping on the bottom.

– The holder on the side is a soft plastic latches Accepting soft matherial form of printed and keeps the machine mechanism.

Packed in blister pack

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